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Features of the female training process. Cycle. Hormones

Разное (Автор: stranger)

Greetings, dear friends.

Today I want to reveal such an important topic for girls in order to help sort out their physiological characteristics. Also, the article will be a kind of assistant to male trainers in building training, as well as the concept of the female body and processes.

Mistakenly, the trainers paint the exercises without starting from the well-being of the client on any given day, or without focusing on physiological differences with the man, and, especially, the use of large weights.

I will tell you a little secret ... or rather, I will give you useful information, or answers to questions.

1.      Is there a difference in the training process of men and women?

2.      Do women need to be given great weight in order to make progress?

3.      Do I have to endure lethargy, exercise during the cycle?

4.      When can I train, and when not?

What you need to know about the female body?

No, not mood swings and irritability.

Girls have 4 periods per month, which significantly affect the training process: Follicular, Ovulation, Luteal and Menstruation. In one of them it is necessary to give maximum load, in the other - to remove weight, and focus on more relaxed physical activity.

In each of the periods, metabolism (metabolism) behaves differently. It can be like an accelerated metabolism, when the absorption of nutrients and nutrients occurs at lightning speed (as for not only eating food), but also the renewal of cells and tissues is carried out. Also, the reverse process, the entire process flow is in a slow state. In such a period, it is advisable not to give a large load to the body.

Follicular phase. During this period, the female body is most sensitive to insulin. This means that slightly increasing the level of carbohydrates in their diet, they will be used as energy for muscles. Also, you need to focus on the progress of the training process, increase intensity, add weight.

Ovulation. During this period, the womans body is very malleable tendons, joints, ligaments, due to the increased amount of the hormone - estrogen, which significantly affects the strength of collagen in the body. If technically doing the exercise is not correct - there is a great chance of getting an injury or sprains.

Luteal phase. At this time, it is important to focus on aerobic training and the development of endurance. Better use fat as energy. The body is in a state of preparation for menstruation. The amount of serotonin (a hormone of pleasure) is falling, and we feel a breakdown in strength and mood.

Menstruation. In the early days, it is better to refuse o training, so as not to aggravate spasms in the female organs (girls will understand these compressive pains in the lower abdomen and lumbar region). It is advisable not to overload the body, and maximize the balance of nutrition.

Briefly about the concept of a cycle.

 The monthly cycle is a natural phenomenon of every female body: preparation for pregnancy, fertilization and cell renewal. The average cycle time is 28 days.

Menstruation (1-5th day) and follicular phase (6-14th day) - increased estrogen levels, average progesterone levels, normal body temperature.

Ovulation (14-17th day) - a huge chance of fertilization, increased desire - estrogen levels reach a maximum, progesterone levels increase, temperature rises are noticeable.

Luteal phase (18-28th day) - estrogen level decreases, progesterone increases, body temperature stabilizes.

After the luteal phase, menstruation begins, and then everything in a circle

And now I want to reveal in more detail to you the processes that occur in each of the phases. And how to conduct training, depending on how you feel and the level of hormones in the female body.

Follicular phase

 In short, this is the first week after menstruation.

Training. During this period, it is worth focusing on improving the performance of the training plan. You can give quite intense exercises, add weight. This phase is characterized by enormous tolerance to muscle pain, therefore, the body is ready to generate strength and energy, work for a sufficiently long period of time comprare steroidi online, taking into account the use of muscle glycogen stores as fuel.

Nutrition. Your body will be sensitive to the amount of insulin that will be in the blood, and this suggests that you need to increase carbohydrates in your diet, but preferably due to complex (cereals, whole-grain bread, vegetables) rather than fast (baked goods) , sweets, etc.). This action will give an impetus to the acceleration of metabolism, which decreased significantly during menstruation, when the female body worked in a "weak state".

And dont forget ... During productive work, the muscle reserves of glycogen (our fuel) are exhausted, so remember that you need to replenish them with a properly composed high-carb menu.


The second week after menstruation. Or ... when a womans egg is ready for fertilization п™‚

Training. Set yourself a record in power performance! After all, the productivity of female muscles increases by 10-15% from the usual state, namely in the ovulation period, when compared with others.

Important to remember. That in a womans blood there is a huge amount of female hormone - estrogen (for the release of an egg), which significantly affects the neuromuscular control and collagen metabolism in the body. Please note that this affects the behavior of joints, ligaments, tendons during lifting large weights. The likelihood of earning a joint injury is 5 times greater; therefore, we are sure to follow the technique of performing the exercise with weight and our wards-girls. Thus, exercise hard, but control your fatigue.

Nutrition. Our female metabolism is in a peak state, therefore, during this period everything is burned with lightning speed (this is not about cake and chocolate) and there is too much hunger. This condition is also acceptable after the training process. Feeling hungry and tired? This is normal. Be sure to try to balance the amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the diet and increase your calorie intake due to the first two.

Luteal phase

 The third week after menstruation, or ... week BEFORE ...

The most unloved period for us girls, when you start to fight with your body at every step.

Serotonin and hormone levels drop. Inherent apathy, laziness or a decline in mood and strength. In this phase, high cardiovascular stress, a sense of anxiety, and feelings are inherent. The amount of endurance in the training process decreases (forces are not enough for a long time, alas). In addition, the body gains weight (in the form of water), or it simply fills us, so it is partially inconvenient to perform the exercises.

Training. In this phase, it is advisable to use cardio workouts, exercises in the gym with a small weight for a greater number of repetitions, focusing on the upper body than the bottom. Also, from extreme fatigue and discomfort, static exercises, yoga, pilates can help. The main thing is not to burden the body, because benefits and progress should not be expected.

Nutrition. Why is the craving for sweets, high-calorie and all harmful so increased? The answer is simple - a low concentration of hormones of joy, which gives a bad mood and irritability. Instinctively, our female body requires a sharp increase in the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, which will give a splash of endorphins, serotonin and provide a good mood and high spirits.

But, with a reduced, in this period, metabolism and insignificant sensitivity to insulin, do not get carried away with many goodies. Great chance to gain excess weight due to fat, with which we are struggling so hard.

And now what to do, you ask?

Try to compensate for the low level of serotonin by using a tryptophan-based dietary supplement, or increase foods such as lean meat, lactic acid products, legumes, and seeds, which will give a natural splash of hormones of joy.

Menstruation phase

Just relax ...

In this period, when a cramp is enough, either the lumbar or the lower abdomen, I dont really want to, not just train, but move.

It takes a couple of days to restore strength and all processes, remove excess water and bring the womans body to a normal level.

Training. Exclude training for the first 2 days when the discharge is quite plentiful and cramping is present. Start turning on cardio workouts after the third day and slowly go into the follicular phase (intensive workouts).

Nutrition. Include vegetable fats rich in Omega-3s in your diet (olive, linseed, pumpkin seed oil, etc.), balance carbohydrates.

And when you return to the follicular phase again, you can increase your workout level again, add weights and complex carbohydrates to your diet.


  Here is such an interesting female body with its own processes and hormonal background. So, do not tease us that our mood is so changeable.

Like it or not, but it is important to treat our physiology with understanding.

Now, dear readers, knowing all the nuances of the processes, you can create and adjust a training program for each phase without harming the body and make hormones work for you.




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